What is the Honors House?


If you were anything like me, you are either A. not a part of the Honor’s House or B. completely unaware of what exactly the Honors House on campus was. We all understand the basic gist of the house; students who are part of the Honors Program live in close quarters and get to know each other – but that was where my knowledge of the community ended.

In reality, the Honors House is much more than a hallway filled with students who have a similar GPA to you. First, the house is composed of around 30 freshmen this year; meaning no one is left without company. Second, the students do not just live near each other, but are encouraged to engage with one another, to form bonds and a community, while also getting involved with the school. There are many perks to being in the Honors House that have, until now, been swept under the rug for many students who did not choose to become involved.

A couple quick Did You Know’s:IMG_3789

  • The Honors House has regular dinners with Honors professors (see photos). These meals allow the students to not only bond with one another, but also have informal meetings with professors, where they learn about the classes the professors are teaching, how they got where they are, or anything that sparks their interest.
  • The Honors House goes on field trips – really cool and completely free field trips (the best kind).
  • There are themed weeks, such as a volunteer week, where the students will be able to get involved with their school and give back to the community.
  • Next year, the Honors House will be open to all four years. Meaning just because you missed out until now, does not mean the opportunity is lost.

The students currently in the house feel that the bonds they have created with one another have brought them closer outside of just in-class settings. A couple even described the peers that they had been placed with as their best friends on this campus. The Honors House is not just a way to find people to study or take classes with, but it has become about making lasting friendships.

The Honors House also has two mentors: Jacob Schermerhorn and Amanda Buzard. Jacob and Amanda facilitate the events within the house and have been able to form bonds with the students as well. The pair work together to plan activities that will get the students together and keep them close. Next year, the positions of Honors House Mentors will open up again, where more students will be able to apply.

If you have more questions about the Honors House, or any additional comments, feel free to contact us at FredoniaHonorsProgram@yahoo.com, or comment right to the blog.


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